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Richard Post
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'Outer Bald Blair'
Guyra NSW 2365
This is the sixth generation to continue the stud operation at “Outer Bald Blair” Guyra. Their aim is, and always has been, to produce sound, productive, easy care cattle that are bred for cattlemen.

Glenavon Angus Stud has 400 stud cows with 300 commercial cows (historically more commercial cows have been run until recent succession planning saw a reduction in the commercial herd). We use AI extensively each year, sourcing superior and new genetics followed up with selected Glenavon stud bulls.

Around 20% of sale bulls are joined as yearlings each October so we get the benefit of the new genetics through our stud and commercial herds. The proof is in the progeny, with Glenavon breed cattle regularly obtaining record prices.

The Glenavon Stud is recorded on Angus Group Breedplan. Cows calve from July to September and are run in conjunction with the Outer Bald Blair commercial herd and alongside XB Ewes and lambs; so if they do not perform under these conditions, or are not structurally sound, they are not used or sold for breeding, regardless of their EBV’s.

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