Lamb & Potato Festival

11th Jan 2023 - 23rd Jan 2023

The Guyra Lamb and Potato Festival aims to showcase local produce, with delicious lamb and potato meals, boutique stalls, and daily entertainment and activities. Nestled under the beautiful elm trees on the New England Highway at Guyra, it is the perfect stopping point for weary travellers during the school holidays.

The festival runs in January every year and the community hosts a variety of other events in conjunction with the festival, making it the perfect destination for your summer break.

The Lamb and Potato Festival brings together the whole Guyra community with members from many organisations helping out each year in the kiosk, doing night caretaker, keeping the grounds clean and tidy, the toilets and so on– working and having fun together. Without this help from all the community organisation this festival is now far to large to be put on by just a handful of volunteers.

A large percentage of the money raised at the festival is disbursed to community organisations each year.  Some funds are kept aside to make small improvements to the kitchen facility so it can cope with the growing demands.

The festival aims to showcase local produce, so wherever possible all produce used at the festival is purchased locally.  It is only where an item is unavailable in Guyra that purchases are made outside town.

The festival has put Guyra on the map over the length and breadth of the eastern States of Australia with visitors from as far away as northern Queensland and Victoria.

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