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Our Angus breeding program is built on a solid herd of 500 registered females that we select for fertility, longevity, doing ability, temperament, structural soundness and ability to raise high grading calves.

In our herd of 500 registered Angus females we flush and transplant about 100 embryos each year.  We have been using Embryo Transfer programs for about 15 years and over time we believe we have increased the quality and consistency in our cattle.  Every cow in the herd must calve unassisted, raise a calf every year and meet our structural requirements to remain in the stud.  Each cow is assessed and classed by an independent assessor annually.  The culls are downgraded into the commercial herd or used as recipients in our Embryo Transfer programs.

We find that by culling the nonperformers from the stud (and downgrading to commercial cows) the quality in our herd continues to improve every year and we are reducing the number of lower grading stud calves being produced.