Burgess Garage Car Museum and Book Store

Helen MacDonald
131 Bradley St
Guyra NSW 2366

Established in June 2019 in an old mechanics workshop, Burgess Garage Car Museum offers a trip down memory lane with a vast collection of cars and automotive memorabilia. Whether it be the car that Mum and Dad took you to school in or automotive signage that you remember from the past, for a gold coin donation you are sure to find many things of interest in The Burgess Garage Car Museum.

Adjacent to the Museum on the northern side is the Second Hand Book store. Come in for a visit and immerse yourself in the extensive range of books catering to many different interests. While in the book store you may even find a little trinket of interest from the various Second Hand items available.

The Burgess Garage Car Museum and Book Store is a must see when visiting Guyra and will surely offer something for the whole family.

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