Renew in a Box

14th Jun 2018

In February last year the Guyra and District Chamber of Commerce and the New England North West Regional NSW Business Chamber combined to bring Christopher Saunders and Marcus Westbury from the ‘Renew Newcastle’ model to a Forum in Guyra to demonstrate urban renewal and change from traditional CBD shopping precinct to a community area for artists, startups and retail all in the one area.  If you missed them then can I recommend that you do not miss this opportunity to see how we can make change for good that will involve the whole community. 

The Armidale Guyra Business Alliance is bringing, Christopher Saunders back to the New England to talk with interested groups (anybody that wants to make a positive change to the picturescape of Armidale surrounds as a grassroots movement.  He will then leave a display at the Armidale Regional Library ‘Renew in a Box’ so that everyone has a chance to make a difference.

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